Educational Institution "Former Inner German Border"

Bildungsstätte Innerdeutsche Grenze
in der kultur.werk.stadt
Bahnhofstraße 22
96465 Neustadt bei Coburg

Rolf Höfner
Tel.: +49 (0)9568 81-141


The educational institution "Former Inner German Border", situated in the Culture Center kultur.werk.stadt. in Neustadt bei Coburg presents a starting point in the museum's journey to the times of the Cold War. The visitor has the possibility to experience what it meant to live in a town like Neustadt bei Coburg near the former inner German border.

Cold War Interests: 

A modern exhibition room provides interactive information. The aim is to encourage the visitors to visit historical places along the former inner German border. The political educational institution of Neustadt bei Coburg is aimed at both school groups and individual visitors.